Premiere Vision Paris

For its upcoming February edition, from Thuesday 7 to Thursday  9, Première Vision Leather, the largest and most prestigious Luxury fashion trade fair dedicated to the world of leather  and fur, once again promises important new developments.

The objective of the Première Vision Leather “INCUBE FORUM” is to present the trendiest products chosen from a selection of exhibitors, arranged in themes. Here are the Top 10 innovations that particularly captured our attention.


New textures
This season, leather professionals have worked on leather textures, perfecting or even transforming their traditional tactile sensations.
Cuir de Lagny has radically transformed Karung leather, typically much more elastic and dry, by oiling and buffing it with fish oil at the end of the production process. Italhide has reduced the thickness of its ostrich leather to 0.6 mm and has conditioned it with very low specific gravity oil and emollients to achieve a degree of suppleness and  sheen that makes it ideal for garment production.

The innovative work of tanneries results in leathers that appear unusual and surprising. This is how Inducol transforms a simple Merino lamb shearling into a remarkable astrakhan, by immersing it into chemical products that remove the wool irregularly. Anil Tannery creates an even more extraordinary product: transparent leather, obtained by tanning the leather using natural chemical products followed by drying under specific conditions. This technique can also be applied to sheepskin and calfskin.

In a constant quest for innovation, the leather industry professionals have developed techniques that enable them to create completely new products such as the new Bopell laminated leather obtained by laser-perforating
washed sheepskin with a lame material. Alternatively, the Amaltea by Ingropelli technique inserts sequins between a layer of goatskin and a film
of snakeskin to increase the brilliance and lustre of the product. Alric Tannery cannot go without mentioning, with its rainproof and water resistant ultrathin lambskin, laminated to become organza-like. An ultra-bright and extra-strong material, ideal for creating a luxury windbreaker.


The constant request for leather with a smooth and chic appearance is leading tanneries to produce leathers with supple and smooth surfaces. By using pressing, cleaning and stacking techniques, Siddiq Leather Works reinforces the grain of its cowhide until it becomes as smooth and shiny as calfskin.

As beautiful as a leather article should be, it also has to be practical for everyday use. Therefore, industry professionals strive to add functional
qualities to their raw materials. Who has never been irritated by missing a call on their smartphone because of their gloves? Thanks to Giorgio Portolano Pelli sheepskin, which conducts electricity thanks to a spray product applied during the final stages of production, we can now answer calls in every weather condition!

Hand finished
Given that leather is a living and artisanal product, it needs a human touch to perfect its aspect. The Cuir de Lagny crocodile leather covered in 23-carat gold leaf like 18th century furniture reaches new heights of luxury and uniqueness. Only the sky is the limit for leather professionals when it comes to surprising us!


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