Buyer Magazine

All the best initiatives start with good ideas.

Buyer Magazine is a new editorial project with the objective of conveying ideas.

An initiative that was born in Tuscany, a region known for its manufacturing districts related to the fashion industry, but not only.
This is the starting point for Buyer, which wants to be a magazine that celebrates the ingenuity typical of Made in Italy, describing and showing the creations of Italian companies looking for a place in the sun within the Luxury market.

Leafing through these pages will be like experiencing emotions, reviewing beautiful photographs of products of excellence that synthesize, without mincing words, the expertise, artisans, skills and creativity of the protagonist companies presented by Buyer Magazine.

As a clear strategic and editorial choice, we decided to focus on artisanal products. Objects that have a soul and tell the story of those who first conceived and then created them. Unique objects that stand the test of time and are the true testimony of the continuity of the Italian manufacturing tradition. Whether we are talking about clothing, sartorial linens, footwear, leather goods, jewellery, culinary excellences or artisanship, Buyer Magazine proposes itself as the perfect means of communication aimed at showcasing to the right target.

The Buyer Magazine mission is to reach distribution channels in close contact with the national and international network of buyers, so that a large part of new collections not yet available to the general public can be appreciated and distributed the best way possible. This means that Buyer Magazine will be a constant presence at the major international fashion industry happenings and events, with the certainty of being delivered into the hands of buyers and agents from around the world.

We intentionally chose to use English as the official language of the magazine because our ambition is to project our Made in Italy manufacturers towards an increasingly global dimension. It is difficult to pass up the opportunity for growth and visibility that result from being included among our pages.

Our official website - www. - besides obviously being indexed on Google, it is also present on Bing, which holds 20% of the market share in the USA as well as in Northern Europe, Hong Kong and Japan. We also opened an important window in Asia with Baidu that excels in China (over 55%) but is also present in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt and Japan. Through Yandex, we have guaranteed its presence in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Whereas, finally, with the Naver search engine, Buyer Magazine is well indexed, especially in South Korea.

“Be here now”, said a well-known contemporary English poet. This has become our motto for the companies that will decide to grant us their trust. Be on the pages of Buyer Magazine now, to broaden the horizons of dreams and ideas. We are ready and are working for you. What about you?


Piazza Alberti, 16
50136 Firenze (FI)