Verba Italian Handcrafted Shoes is much more than a regular company. (verba) expresses an attitude that communicates its love for the product, quality and tradition of Made in Italy.

A love to be lived with panache, easiness and a dash of flamboyancy. And it is precisely these distinctive characteristics, combined with the passion that envelops the entire company and the people and ideas that are part of it, that create unique products with a strong personality, together with a mix of emotions, gestures and equilibrium.

For the new SS17collection the spotlight is on Slip-on, Sneakers and Derby, where the particular fit, reminiscent of “the classic slipper shape”, becomes a constant that makes every model recognizable. The selected leathers and fabrics stand out for their extremely soft touch and striking combinations and colours. While black and white and fine leathers are predominant in the collection, it also has a bohò chic allure, thanks to the use of technical fabrics mixed with coloured and patterned details that maintain the contrast between hi-tech and classic styles.

A collection that satisfies men and women looking for something special to wear every day. The innovative nature of the company is also reflected in the originality of the materials it uses such as bubble wrap, made in Italy in a particular texture, which gives life to a shoe that combines comfort and quality with creative designs and shocking colours. The result is a sporty yet elegant style that expresses the concept of “running” intended as the need to keep up with the times.


Via Pistoiese 47
Fucecchio (FI)
Tel + 39 0571 261948

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