With over 35 years of experience manufacturing high-end small and
medium-sized leather goods, Trialtek continues to innovate itself by
giving life to its own collection, which embodies all the artisan experience and passion that its founder Alessandro Tripi has kept going since 1981.

The line consists of two distinct brands: the Alessandro Tripi brand, which proposes a refined range of handbags, wallets and small items
in leather, both elegant and refined in the choice of materials.

On the other hand, the Tripi brand creates exclusive leather horse-riding gaiters with customizable zippers and the possibility of
printing a personalized logo on a wide variety of materials such as exotic leathers, velvet and fabric.

The new collection expresses the essence of Made in Italy with all its nuances, combining the artisanship and innovation that have made
Italian style globally distinctive.


Via 8 Marzo 35E
Scandicci (FI)
Tel +39 055.7351198

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