GIT stands for “Great Italian Tailory”, an ambitious name for a clothing company that is perfectly suited to the company we are going to describe.

GIT was founded in 1969 by the husband and wife team of Danilo Tamberi and Anna Ferrucci with the idea of sewing and producing the classic trench coats made famous in the collective imagination by movie stars. A small artisan company that, during all these years, has experienced a profound and constant evolution, reaching its current status as a thriving and competitive manufacturer.
The main characteristic of GIT is its specialization in men & women’s clothing, with special attention for outerwear. In its 2500 m2 plant, directed by the founders’ daughter Clarissa, the company is capable of carrying out the entire production cycle in-house:
from the modelling department (with five dedicated CAD stations) to the automatic cutting room (square cut included), passing through the sewing, eyelet, and button sectors up to the finished garment (trousers, jackets, shirts, down jackets, etc.).

The production cycle comes full circle with direct shipment to the
client from the order division. A mid-high quality genuine and highly
reliable “Made in Tuscany” product, made by the book.


Via Fucini 3
Fornacette (PI)
Tel +39 0587.422576