Gimet Spa



Gimet Spa grounded its roots 1966, which marks the beginning of its family-run production of precious articles in San Zeno, Arezzo (Strada A, n. 11). Initially specialized in gold jewellery sold under the Gior name, over time it expanded its entire production range to the quality metals sector. From gold to silver, as well as steel and brass, giving life to the group's satellite companies: Top Star, Gimet Brass and Gidue.

Thanks to its continuous work and use of the latest technologies, in over more than half a century Gimet Spa has established itself as a leading international company in the jewellery sector. Its strength is its proposal of elegantly designed sought-after annual collections with beautiful lines and workmanship, in step with the fashion trends.

A taste for beauty and quality workmanship combined with reliability, prompt delivery times and compliance with EC production regulations have all asserted the company's decades-old success. Gimet Spa has entrusted the second generation with the task of developing new businesses. The result of this choice was Gimet Brass, specialised in the production of brass chains, having become one of the world's leading suppliers to the most prestigious fashion brands and fashion houses. The positioning in the market segment has led Gimet Spa and its subsidiaries to be productive realities appreciated all over the world, with important exports ranging from Australia to Russia, from the USA to Europe, from the Arab countries to Latin America, constantly specializing in the production of jewellery and silver chains.

«Our strengths – affirm the owners of the two companies – are technological innovation, creativity, the web presence of our products, and the vast range of jewellery that is lightened to not only be beautiful, but functional as well. Moreover, we can also create exclusive jewellery for our clients».


Gimet Spa

Strada A, n.11
San Zeno (AR)
Tel +39 0575 91441