Since the 1960s, the Giaquinto family has stood out for its production of women's handbags for the Luxury market.

After a few years of planning, 2017 marked the launch of the family’s own brand on market.

Buyer Magazine met with one of the owners, Claudio Giaquinto, who shared the debut of the new house collection with us:


«The Giaquinto line is new, dynamic, and colourful but doesn’t relinquish the precious teachings of the Neapolitan artisan tradition. On the contrary, our idea was precisely to exalt these roots and sense of territorial belonging.

It is not by chance that one of our line’s recurring themes is a triangle, which is deeply meaningful for us, as it recalls familiarity (the triad of our corporate structure), territoriality (the triangular shape of the Vesuvius), and femininity (symbolism).

What is the edge of our territory? Undoubtedly, imagination combined with tradition.

While imagination can enable us to reinvent ourselves and keep the pace with changes in society, only the teachings inherited from tradition enable us to create products of indisputable quality. Moreover, Campania is the place in Italy that welcomes talented artisans and fine products».


Viale Delle Industrie 6
Arzano (NA)
Tel +39 081 5050923