Coccoluto Ferrigni

Coccoluto Ferrigni

A new adventure in the sign of tradition.This is the path undertaken by Lucia Coccoluto Ferrigni, a young bag and accessory designer, part of a family that has been working in the field of leather
goods since the 1960s.

The Florentine MCF Pelletterie company, in fact, has always produced accessories for the Luxury brand market but since 2016, has begun working on its own namesake house brand, where the protagonist is Lucia, daughter of the owner Mario Coccoluto 
Ferrigni. After the first collection launch in 2017, February 2018 will mark the new F/W 2018 line.

The new Coccoluto Ferrigni women’s handbags combine expertise and artistic painting.

The company experiments with new leathers like ray, while the graphic elements - hand painted directly on bags and accessories - distinctive of the maison remain the protagonists: birds, Japanese origami, eyes and floral motifs. Every single Coccoluto Ferrigni
product is unique and unreproducible, hand-signed by the artist, making it exclusive. Elegance, soft lines and freshness, make the Coccoluto Ferrigni creations small, great Made in Italy gems.

People will soon be talking about it.

Coccoluto Ferrigni

Via dè Cattani 190/2
Firenze (FI)
Tel + 39 327 537 4688

Coccoluto ferrigni Coccoluto ferrigni Coccoluto ferrigni