Alberto Gozzi

Alberto Gozzi

For over 40 years, Alberto Gozzi Spa combines a great artisan Made in Italy tradition with the desire to innovate.

The two footwear collections focus on attention to detail and style, inspired by the latest trends.

We spoke with Mr. Paolo Gozzi, the owner of the company.



This winter’s keyword is to dare: thumbs up to velvet and suede shoes embellished with rhinestones and cabochon.

Leather bottoms with studded accents that emphasize a decisive
yet feminine personality are the common thread of the Alberto Gozzi collection.
Street style with the micro bottom loafer, made with coloured velvets and rhinestone accessories, or fur-lined slippers, proposed
with a cascade of studs or with a central heart embroidered with coloured stones.

Alternatively, the uno8uno brand proposes slippers and sneakers for a casual and refined woman who has the courage to play with fashion. Shoes that are never ordinary, with a metropolitan style that plays down elegance and combines it with practicality. 

Alberto Gozzi

Via Della Lama, 31-31/A
Chiesina Uzzanese (PT)
Tel +39 0572. 480011

alberto gozzi alberto gozzi alberto gozzi